Come back course

Come back course

If you have taken both the basic course and the follow-up course, you can keep up and improve your skills in the come back course. This course takes place once a month, in which you are allowed to work freely. You will be given the tips and tricks about designing your own jewelry!


Do you wish to brush up on a technique, or would you rather learn something new entirely? We can offer our guidance for both of these options. Maybe you have seen a picture in a magazine or book and you would like some insight as to how that piece was made. We are happy to help you make this piece yourself.

When taking this course you will be kept up to date with all the new techniques and trends in the jewelry world. Of course we have many examples to help you get inspired!


The tuition fee for the entire course is € 110,00 in which drinks and sweets, and the use of tools are included. In addition, basic material such as wire and threads, crimp beads, bead tips, crimp ends, claps, and jump rings are also included. The costs of other materials like beads, Swarovski crystals, charms, and settings will be charged after each class.


Participants of the basic course will be able to enjoy special offers on some of the materials that will be used during the classes. We will also offer discounts on plier sets and bead design boards.


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