About Limited Edition

About Limited Edition

With around 2500 different beads and over 600 charms and ornaments we offer the public the biggest assortment of beads and findings in The Hague and its surrounding area. We expand our collection frequently with new products according to the latest fashion.

Beads and supplies

We offer a wide range of beads, including semi-precious, glass, wooden, ceramic, shell, and Swarovski. We have metal ornaments and charms in gold, silver, rose gold, copper, bronze, and champagne. We also have a broad selection of materials that will help you make jewelry. All our beads and findings are stored in over 50 drawers in which you are welcome to look around. If you need help coming up with a design feel free to ask our help!

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We also offer our jewelry for sale. Most of our collection is handmade and by our own design, which means you will be buying a unique “Limited Edition” piece.

If you wish to give on of our jewelry pieces as a gift we will be more than happy to giftwrap it for you!


Repair service

Do you have a favourite bracelet but are unable to wear it because it is broken? Is a rhinestone missing from an ornament in your necklace? More often than not it is quite easy to repair your broken jewelry. If, however, you are unable to repair it yourself we would gladly do this for you. Just bring along your jewelry when you visit our store so we can look at what needs fixing. We can make an estimate of what the costs will be, so you can have an idea as to how much it will be. If you leave your jewelry at our store we will give you a call once we have it repaired so you know when to come by again to pick it up.

Design service

Do you have a gala, wedding, or just any party coming up soon? We can help you with the designs of a piece of jewelry which fits perfectly with the theme. Together we can come up with a beautiful design and afterwards we can help guide you with the making of the piece. You will then own a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry!