Artistic Wire Chain Maille rings 18 gauge: Natural 5.95mm

Earn 4.50 Bead Points

100 pieces

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With the Chain maille rings by Artistic Wire you can create the most beautiful chain maille projects! All rings have exactly the same size and are consistent in colour. Chain maille technique originates from the middle ages, when it was used to create chain maille vests. Nowadays, the technique is used for jewelry and even clothing. The rings are bent in a certain pattern with pliers, called a “weave”. An example is the Byzantine weave. There are multiple patterns at hand and by using coloured rings you can make the pattern your own.

Amount of rings: 100 Size: 18 Gauge (1mm) I.D.: 15/64 inch (5.95mm)

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Metaal kleur

Type metalen onderdelen



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